Issue 98

  • Pain, Pepper, and Mercy

    Pain, Pepper, And Mercy

    Life is ever-changing. Many times, it feels like a sweet candy, but many other times it's as painful as a poisonous drink. Facing sorrow, loss, or another misfortune, life can become a torturous

    Published March - April 2014 - The Fountain

    The Power in Prayer and Supplication

    When the clean black shroud of night enfolds our entire existence, certain darkened souls feel lonely and detached from everything. Yet in the darkest moments, in the remotest corners, and even in the quietest deserts, "He" is alw

    Published March - April 2014 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Prefrontal Cortex and Its Connection to Human Spirituality

    The body-self and spirit of a person generate a dynamic and complex system in which they are in constant communication with one another. The brain is one of the control and management centers of this complex structure. Although th

    Published March - April 2014 - Omer Arifagaoglu

    A School of Dreams with Renewed Teachers

    Walk with me please, dear reader. I will take you to a school that will take your breath away. You must be tired of reading all those kinds of deep academic studies with various, yet very valid perspectives; tired of listening to

    Published March - April 2014 - John Baig

    The Only Memory

    How could this piece of information solve my problems? This little sentence cannot really answer all of life's possible dilemmas, can it?

    I am walking home on the unusually dark street. I am only used to seeing it

    Published March - April 2014 - Magdalena Rusanova

    Freedom from Cigarettes

    The formation of a smoking habit and addiction depends on various social, spiritual, neuro-genetic, and neuro-chemical factors. Some of these factors are a desire to appear "cool," boredom, stress, rebellion, peer pressure, a wish

    Published March - April 2014 - Mucteba Muezzinoglu

    The Rhythm in the Universe

    A splendid order and an amazing harmony seem to govern the operation of this universe. Big or small, everything is in some kind of motion in a regular or periodical pattern which indicates the existence of a rhythm. Every motion i

    Published March - April 2014 - Kemal Serce

    Living Faith in Sanliurfa

    In the remarkable interfaith city of Urfa, the author is surprised by extraordinary generosity which exemplifies the city's "living faith."

    Sanliurfa, known to the Turks as "Urfa the Glorious," is often described a

    Published March - April 2014 - Katharine Branning

    Why Is God Invisible?

    When a father's inquisitive daughter asks him, "Why he is God invisible?" he thinks he's getting off with an easy question. But the answer is far more complex, and wise, than he could have imagined.

    Having an adole

    Published March - April 2014 - Sermed Ogretim

    Are You Alone?

    Loneliness is a serious public health concern, akin to both obesity and smoking. Why is it not treated as such? Through faith, we can combat this growing crisis.

    Loneliness is a state when people are unable to shar

    Published March - April 2014 - Hamza Aydin

    Healing with Venom

    The honey bee does not only produce honey. It also produces beeswax, pollen, bee venom, gelee royale, and proplis. These products, as well as honey, have been used as complimentary therapy (apitherapy) for medical applications. Th

    Published March - April 2014 - Mehmet Kara

    Reflections of a Human Rights Advocate

    Civil society has yet to define and accept broader human rights ... The struggle goes on, building on those who went before us, for the benefit of those who come after us.

    The 50th anniversary of President John Ken

    Published March - April 2014 - James C. Harrington

    Missing Pieces

    Once I could see God in one thing - even though it was the vastest, most mysterious, and perhaps most obvious example in creation - I was able to see God in almost anything.

    Before, there was no meaning. There was

    Published March - April 2014 - Caroline Lancaster

    The Glass Half Full

    And alas the day has come,
    when worlds crash, collide.
    When the happiest day of someone's life merges with someone else's nightmare.
    When someone hears of someone's death,
    while another hears his baby's first cry.

    Published March - April 2014 - Amina Negm

    Progress or Fallacy in Inferring

    New developments in scientific thought and hypotheses testing are changing the ways we think about truth and certainty.

    Not only do scientific decisions rely heavily on tools and procedures of quantitative analysis

    Published March - April 2014 - Yusuf Bilgic

    Annemarie Schimmel Building Bridges between East and West

    This is an article on the life, works, and efforts of Cemile (the Beautiful), as Annemarie Schimmel (d. 2003) was called in the East. Who was Annemarie Schimmel? How did she influence the Occident and the Orient, and what was the

    Published March - April 2014 - Samet Er

    Hui People: Chinese Speaking Muslims

    Though most outsiders view Chinese culture as being monolithic, both ethnically and religiously, there are over 20 million Muslims living within China. They've managed to peacefully co-exist with both their Muslim and Chinese

    Published March - April 2014 - Ali Osman Ozkan

    Relax - I Am Out Of The Game

    I tell myself: "It's ok, there is no race, step aside. Be humble. Keep your beauty within. Liberate yourself from things that don't matter..."

    Now I am going to ask you a "Fill in the Blank" question. There are pol

    Published March - April 2014 - Melissa McPen

    Financial and Physical Ways of Worship

    Question: What would you say about financial forms of worship? Are there any conditions and guidelines for well-off believers regarding donations and charity?

    Worship is essentially categorized into two sections: wo

    Published March - April 2014 - The Fountain

    Science Square

    Sequence Integration in the Brain
    Basal ganglia subcircuits distinctively encode the parsing and concatenation of action sequences.
    Jin et al. Nature Neuroscience, Jan 2014.

    When we learn to play a musical in

    Published March - April 2014 - The Fountain