Issue 99

  • Drawing Closer

    Drawing Closer

    "To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the Purpose of LIFE."
    (from "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty")

    Published May - June 2014 - The Fountain

    Laborers of Thought, Building the Future

    Those who will shape tomorrow with their ideas will be the guides of generations to come. The way they think and reason will redesign the world, and their messages will brighten the future. They will not act like inheritors who ha

    Published May - June 2014 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    The Psychology of Morality

    When the captain of a sunken ship commands the lowest ranking crew member among the survivors in the lifeboat to be killed and used to sustain the lives of the others, I wonder: what are his thought processes? When you pass a sick

    Published May - June 2014 - M. Tarik Ozgur

    A Dialogue of Flowers

    The wind gently touched my soft petals. They slightly swayed back and forth to the beat of the wind. It was cooler here than in our homeland. But it didn't feel uncomfortable.

    My leaves reflected the moonlight. I looked up

    Published May - June 2014 - Meryem Akgun

    Artificial Replacement of the Failing Heart

    Cardiovascular disease is a progressive, debilitating, and deadly disease affecting over 23 million people worldwide.1 The physiopathology of heart disease is the minimal regeneration capacity of the heart that could eventually le

    Published May - June 2014 - Ali Fethi Toprak

    Reproducibility in Today's Science

    Recent advances in science have led to longer lives, better health care, and healthier societies. Science develops through trial and error. However, irreproducibility still remains a problem, with issues related to bias, a high le

    Published May - June 2014 - Ali Fethi Toprak

    Embrace Mortality

    Most of us operate under the assumption that there will always be a tomorrow, that there will always be another chance to buckle down and get serious about the business of living our lives to the best of our ability. We live as i

    Published May - June 2014 - Noble Lee

    Jefferson's Qur'an

    Thomas Jefferson occupies a special space among the Founding Fathers as the principal author of the Declaration of Independence and the third president of the United States. Denise Spellberg, a scholar of Islamic history and civil

    Published May - June 2014 - Huseyin Senturk

    Electricity in the Heart

    Our heart is like a pump that never rests. The distribution of the dirty blood to the lungs and clean blood all through the body is organized by a system that produces an electrical current. Every second, small electrical currents

    Published May - June 2014 - Furkan Osmanoglu

    Dahsha and Hayra (Utter Astonishment and Amazement)

    Every traveler journeying in the valleys of love and zeal sometimes burns with the fire of love, and sometimes overflows with joy owing to the "wine of immortality" offered by the Beloved. While burning, the lover sighs: O Cupbear

    Published May - June 2014 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    A Personal Journey: Read as You Sail!

    Facts and knowledge, truth and belief, philosophy and faith, science and religion - these are all about guiding others into what one enjoys oneself. Some are more successful than others in this guidance and, hence, have been known

    Published May - June 2014 - Ethan Johnson

    How Is Nature Being Cleaned?

    After a long, busy, and exhausting year, he wanted to take a rest in his summer house, which lies under a mountain opposite a nice, blue lake. He deserved this holiday. After parking his car in front of the oak trees, he opened th

    Published May - June 2014 - Gokhan Halikan

    You Have Loved Him All Along

    What do you love in anything or anyone that is not His?
    In reality, you have loved Him all along!
    Forms are like pigeons carrying the Beloved's letters.
    You fall in love with the pigeons
    And miss reading the letters of

    Published May - June 2014 - Amany Shalaby

    Religion Is Not a Zero Sum Game

    The Turkish term for "tolerance" is "hosgoru" which means seeing or looking for the good side of another person. Unlike toleration, which is a passive acceptance of the other, hosgoru means actively looking for something good in t

    Published May - June 2014 - Allen S. Maller

    Staff Only!

    It was an ordinary day. As usual, I was sleepy. I had not had enough rest, since I was on call the previous night. Right before lunch, I was making plans about how I could sneak into the attractive "staff only" dining room and tak

    Published May - June 2014 - Sermed Ogretim

    Light Photography

    To be able to see we are in need of two blessings granted to us: the eye and light. We aren't the only creatures who thrive on light; plants are also in need of light to perform photosynthesis. Unfortunately, we sometimes take the

    Published May - June 2014 - Mesut Mizrak

    Constructive Criticism

    Question: When it comes to administrative and political issues, severe criticism is viewed as the major form of engagement. Are there any other means of engagement on these issues?

    Destruction is easy. Those who want

    Published May - June 2014 - The Fountain

    Science Square

    Elephants can distinguish human languages
    Elephants can determine ethnicity, gender, and age from acoustic cues in human voices. McComb et al. February 2014, PNAS.

    African elephants (Loxodonta africana) are the larges

    Published May - June 2014 - The Fountain