• The Butterfly Mosque: Building a Bridge

    G. Willow Wilson openly states in her work, The Butterfly Mosque, "When videos of angry men in beards flooded the airwaves, claiming their religion was incompatible with the decadent West, I believed them" (Wilson 19). As studies

    Published July - August 2012 - Jessica Danielle Phillips

    Thoughts on Science of Forecasting

    Making predictions is an active form of decision-making people do all the time mostly without even being aware. When the bell rings, we guess that there is someone behind the door waiting for us to come. Producers try to predict t

    Published July - August 2012 - Ertugrul Deniz

    The Breast Milk: A Wonderful Food for the Baby

    Researches on the complex, multi-dimensional, and dynamic natured organisms reveal new findings and beauties pertaining to creation. Recent researches made in relation to various aspects of the breast milk have once more verified

    Published July - August 2012 - Hamza Aydin

    Organized Industry in Cells: ER

    An important characteristic of animate structures in the micro-pages of nature unseen by the naked eye is being able to fit intricate and convoluted broad surfaces into a small area or volume. Fitting in surfaces with very broad u

    Published July - August 2012 - Hilmi Celaloglu

    A present of The Presence through three dripping snow-cones

    "I want to start fasting this year during the month of Ramadan" she said with a serious tone of voice, as determined as a five-year-old girl could be. It was their family custom to bring up important issues around the dinner tabl

    Published July - August 2012 - Ayse K. Coskun

    The Wonderful Octopus

    Taking its place among the world's short-lived mollusks, the octopus is a fantastic sea animal with intelligent behavior. Despite its smooth and soft skin, it has a hard beak and its tongue is like a file. They can move fast by br

    Published July - August 2012 - Ahmet Nazif Canoglu

    Impressive Design and Strength of Spider Silk's Web

    <b>1- Impressive Design and Strength of Spider Silk's Web</b><br />Original Article: Cranford, S.W. et al., Nature 482, 72 (2012).<br />Spider silk has been a symbol of durability and strength, but the role the design of a web pla

    Published March - April 2012 - The Fountain

    For the Sake of Autism...

    The courtyard vibrated at the sound of the school bell. Immediately the playground burst into life as children began to stream out of the classrooms and into the warmth of the afternoon. Like kittens released from a cage, they b

    Published March - April 2012 - Kimberly Parker

    Another Side to Water

    Water plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance between life and death on Earth. It can either instigate health, or be a deadly disease vector (Govender, Barnes and Pieper 2011). Although the effects of water on human health

    Published March - April 2012 - Ceyda Sablak

    Can Spirituality Help Recover From Cancer?

    Dr. Jean Kristeller is Professor of Psychology and the Director of the Center for the Study of Health, Religion, and Spirituality at Indiana State University.<br />She has conducted research on the psychology of meditation for ove

    Published March - April 2012 - Mustafa Tabanli

    Guarding Queens of the Cellular Strongholds

    Cells are the main building blocks of living organisms. Our body is composed of average one hundred trillion cells. We undergo continuous replenishment by a special reservoir of cells called stem cells. Stem cells are crucial for

    Published March - April 2012 - Ali Fethi Toprak

    Fixing obesity in the brain

    <b>1- Fixing obesity in the brain Original article: Czupryn, A. et al., Science 334, 1133 (2011).</b> Neurons are a highly specialized group of cells that transmit electrical stimuli to elicit responses in the body. This high

    Published January - February 2012 - The Fountain

    The Human Being in Numbers: Last Lesson for Peter

    Dear Peter! Until today, almost all of your organs and systems introduced themselves and explained the great artistry in their creation along with their wisdom and precision. Certainly, these were not just for your information. Of

    Published January - February 2012 - Irfan Yilmaz

    The Heart-Mind Connection

    Dr. Windsor Ting and Dr. Gregory Fricchione examine the mind-body connection in their remarkable book The Heart-Mind Connection. Research shows that negative emotions can actually cause or worsen heart disease. They say in the bac

    Published January - February 2012 - Mustafa Tabanli

    Are We Big Enough to Be Arrogant?

    A small-scale blueprint of the universe, the human body is a miraculous work of art that manifests the beautiful divine names and attributes of God Almighty. A human body is made up of a set of hierarchically organized components:

    Published January - February 2012 - Nuri Balta