Issue 110

  • Faith for Peace

    Faith is safety. Faith is about security and confidence. Safety is a multifaceted condition, ranging from one’s inner peace to the wider societal security, which is established by the rule of law and justice, and is mainta

    Published March - April 2016 - The Fountain

    Muslims, We Have to Critically Review Our Understanding of Islam

    I share profound frustration with a billion-and-a-half Muslims around the world at the fact that such groups commit terrorism while dressing up their perverted ideologies as religion. We Muslims have a special responsibility

    Published March - April 2016 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Quasars and Our Location in the Universe

    Imagine you are in a place where everything around you is moving. If somebody asks you to locate yourself, how would you define your position? This will not be easy; you will need a stationary point (a reference), so that yo

    Published March - April 2016 - H. Huseyin Erdem

    Self-Education: What To Do with the Naughty Child Inside?

    Parenting is one of humanity’s most difficult tasks – but it’s also one of the most important ones. But before one can become a parent, they must self-educate. How can someone educate another person if they have alread

    Published March - April 2016 - Meryem Akgun

    The Adaptive Immune System and Its Molecular Details

    At some point in our lives, all humans have been infected by viruses. In most cases, the infection is taken care of by our internal immune system before we even notice we’ve been infected. In other cases, we fall ill for a

    Published March - April 2016 - Ahmet S. Vakkasoglu

    Misconceptions about Calories

    How true are the calorie values written on food packs? Do different methods of preparation, such as boiling, frying, grilling, etc., change the amount of calories we take in?

    The energy we need for our organs to fun

    Published March - April 2016 - Omer Faruk Aydin

    The Spiritual Heart in the Thought of Fethullah Gulen

    If a person is to realize the true meaning intended by the creation of the human, they must come under the command of the heart and listen to the spirit, in spite of the body (humanity’s animal side) and worldly reason. It

    Published March - April 2016 - Muhammad Shukur

    Dahsha and Hayman (Amazement and Stupor)

    While discussing ecstasy and willful rapture, we have mentioned the states of dahsha (utmost astonishment) and hayman (stupor). A few words will be said here concerning them, although the former is a dimens

    Published March - April 2016 - The Fountain

    Isa, Alayhi Al-Salam

    Who was Jesus?
    For Muslims, Jesus is one of the five elite prophets, and he will come again at the end of time to bring peace. Although Muslims and Christians have a very similar idea of Jesus as far as his birth, ge

    Published March - April 2016 - Dr. Zeki Saritoprak

    Reflections on Altruism

    Nobody can doubt that altruism is a watchword of modern ethics. A standard dictionary definition of the word “altruism” – derived from the Latin “alteri,” meaning, "other people" or "somebod

    Published March - April 2016 - Albert Frolov

    The Odyssey to the Heart of the City of Angels

    I have a secret. I discovered why the full moon is so luminous in South California. I will tell you where the lights of the city come from. Can you keep a secret? Can you bear with me on a journey? If not, don’t you dare!

    Published March - April 2016 - Sumayya B. Sharaf

    At the Obesity-Immunity Crossroads

    The worldwide prevalence and incidence of obesity has increased dramatically in recent decades. Oversized food portions, inactive lifestyles, genetic heritage, and food company practices are just a few of the factors contribu

    Published March - April 2016 - Abdullah Acar

    Folk Religion Can Sometimes Grow Piety

    In the modern world, large scale emigration has brought many Muslims into close contact with other Muslims from distant lands. While all Muslims are united by Islamic law and daily prayer, many Muslims have discovered that s

    Published March - April 2016 - Allen S. Maller

    Wings of Humbleness

    Question: How is it possible to reach a balance between pursuing high achievements and seek perfection on one hand and to be self-critical and remain humble on the other?

    Answer: A re

    Published March - April 2016 - The Fountain

    Science and Square

    1-Hayashi R. et al. Co-ordinated ocular development from human iPS cells and recovery of corneal function. Nature, January 2016.

    2-Lin H. et al. Lens regeneration using endogenous stem cells with gain of

    Published March - April 2016 - The Fountain