Issue 111

  • The Winter Is Coming

    In this issue, some of our writers address one of the most urgent crises of our age: the refugees fleeing violence in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Lawrence Brazier, who lives in Austria, writes about hosting a displaced Afg

    Published May - June 2016 - The Fountain

    Freedom of Faith and Conscience

    The freedom of faith and conscience is, to put it briefly, the universal right to independently adopt and practice a faith of one’s choice. This right includes being able to receive the education required for a thorough pr

    Published May - June 2016 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    From Whales to Technology

    The shape of cars and airplanes directly affect their fuel consumption and performance. For proof of the connection between shape and fuel efficiency, we can look to nature. Biomimetics, which develops technology by imitatin

    Published May - June 2016 - Sam Plat

    The Role of Myth and Ritual in Religion

    Throughout history, religion and its diverse aspects, such as myth and ritual, have been of great significance for the social, economic, and cultural lives of people around the globe. Myth and ritual have also been studied a

    Published May - June 2016 - Mustafa Ismet Uzun

    The Ones That Got Away!

    Austria still offers some of the nicest aspects of worldly existence. Deer feed in the meadow across the road from our house. They graze contentedly, seemingly oblivious to all else, then suddenly stiffen and look up, alert,

    Published May - June 2016 - Lawrence Brazier

    Gecko The Physicist

    They can resist gravity and easily hang upside down on flat ceilings. They are geckos, extraordinary lizards that have been perfectly created for their environments. But what allows them to resist gravity? Is it an adhesive

    Published May - June 2016 - Ahmet Eren

    Wresting Jihad from the Jihadists

    I departed Brussels a few days before the March 22, 2016, attacks which killed over thirty people, injured dozens, and terrorized that city. Ironically, my purpose for visiting was to present a paper on the “Greater Jihad

    Published May - June 2016 - Sophia Pandya

    Should We Fear a Magnetic Pole Shift?

    The Earth currently rotates in a counter-clockwise direction. This rotation, along with movement of iron particles inside the Earth’s molten core, generates a magnetic field, which protects the Earth from solar winds. Since

    Published May - June 2016 - Serif Dogru

    The Existence of God - According to Muslim Theologians and Thinkers

    Proving the existence of God is a venture that numerous Muslim philosophers, theologians, and thinkers have been attempting for many centuries. This issue has been argued and debated on scientific, philosophical, and theol

    Published May - June 2016 - Matthew Wallis

    Barq (Lightning)

    Barq (lightning) is a light that flashes in an initiate during the first steps of the journey toward sainthood. This is the first invitation to those seeking nearness to God. The scholars of truth have related the e

    Published May - June 2016 - The Fountain

    The Shared Beliefs of Judaism and Islam

    It is unfortunate that in today’s world many Jews and Muslims see themselves as diametrically opposed to one another. They see their respective religious traditions as dissimilar, sharing little in common – and even as b

    Published May - June 2016 - Ruth Sandberg

    Gastro Intestinal Flora and Our Health

    The systems of the human body are created with a staggering degree of perfection. The body has approximately 1013 cells at any given time, and these ensure that our systems run flawlessly, without us ever thinking about it. I

    Published May - June 2016 - Adam Allison

    The Nature of Change - Exchange of Letters with My Future Self

    To my future self,
    I think we are all searching for something in our lives. No one seems to know exactly what that something is, but we all are seeking what is greater than ourselves. I think that is how I would defin

    Published May - June 2016 - Elizabeth Allen

    Spring’s Ballad

    When the time is due, you will see that a new spring has come.
    Roses bloom, nightingales sing, and tulips are all around.
    Flowers breathe out their perfumes;
    Birds and bugs, all enraptured in this cl

    Published May - June 2016 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    How Many Supercomputers Would Fit Inside Your Brain?

    The complexity and potential of the human brain are astonishing. The brain is capable of performing millions of complex formulations in milliseconds. And yet, despite this power, humans are barely tapping the brain’s poten

    Published May - June 2016 - Fatih Bera

    The only thing they ask is to be allowed to a new land!

    What a life as a refugee
    We gave up all we had, to flee
    All left behind
    But I don't mind
    At least I've saved my family 

    What a life as a refugee.
    My Son, my daughter, wife and me.

    Published May - June 2016 - Aydogan Vatandas

    Massive Open Online Courses and Their Economic Value

    This century has seen many innovations and transformations within the fields of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). They have brought forth new developments in education by transferring conventional learning cu

    Published May - June 2016 - Nurdin Kaparov

    Hubris or Becoming Tyrannical

    Question: It is sometimes the case that people who are responsible for a certain area or who govern a certain place, after a period of time, begin to consider themselves as the owner of that place. Could you

    Published May - June 2016 - The Fountain

    Artificial Skin That Can Sprout Hair and Grow Glands

    Takagi R. et al. Bioengineering a 3D integumentary organ system from iPS cells using an in vivo transplantation model. Science Advances, April 2016.

    Skin is the human body’s largest organ, weighing 3.6 kg

    Published May - June 2016 - The Fountain