Issue 113

  • Old School vs. New School

    This issue’s lead article is about a clash between the old way of thinking and the new one. This struggle could be best described as the inner struggle of a lobster which is trying to break through his shell. Almost ev

    Published September - October 2016 - The Fountain

    Hearts Are Seeking Love

    We live in a time of strife between the old and the new schools of thought. The old school failed to renew itself. The new school consumed itself with objections and fantasies. Undoubtedly, both schools were coherent in cert

    Published September - October 2016 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    The Bloody Waters in Taiji

    Imagine getting cornered by an immense group of another species. They surround you with a wall of loud, sharp noises, imprisoning you and sending a frightening jolt throughout your whole body. Terrified and alarmed, you move

    Published September - October 2016 - Betul Aydin

    THE ALHAMBRA - A Palace Layered with Ornament

    “But the building’s identity resided in the ornament.” These words, from architect Louis Sullivan, are an apt description of most Islamic architecture, which are closely connected to the idea of ornamentatio

    Published September - October 2016 - Faisal Warsani

    Our 3D Printed Future: From Electronics to Living Organs

    The emergence of 3D printing promises to revolutionize how things are designed, produced, and distributed. And although these changes present real opportunities, they also pose some unexpected dangers 

    In their roo

    Published September - October 2016 - Halil I. Demir

    Dealing with Incivility in Online Interfaith Dialogues

    Over the last few decades, the world has become more interconnected through developing technology like cell phones, laptops, and, especially, the internet.  There are many benefits from this connectivity, and this includes

    Published September - October 2016 - Daniel Hummel

    Metals Have Character Too!

    Whether in the form of cars, planes, or household appliances, we interact with metals almost every day. Despite the ubiquity of metals, most people never stop to think about their characters – or their differences

    Published September - October 2016 - Noah Weaver

    Micro Expressions: The Truth Is in the Face

    Have you ever seen someone who, for a split second, looked happy when they weren’t supposed to? What you saw was a masked micro expression. Micro expressions are automatic facial expressions that reflect the emotions y

    Published September - October 2016 - Zuleyha B. Ozturk

    Nanotechnology in Issus Coleoptratus

    Long before human beings started using them in machinery, gear systems that worked through mechanical interaction existed in the morphology of many living creatures. Researchers have recently discovered that in the nymph (im

    Published September - October 2016 - Victor Putnam

    Qalaq (Passion)

    Literally meaning boredom with the place where one is and with the surrounding conditions, feeling discomfort as if in imprisonment or captivity, qalaq (passion) is intense love, deeper than the desire for Paradise

    Published September - October 2016 - The Fountain

    Interfaith Dialogue: Reflections from Korea

    Interfaith Dialogue is critical to the future of a peaceful world. It cultivates understanding and peace between groups of people. This is no less true for believers within the Abrahamic traditions than for believers of othe

    Published September - October 2016 - Bernadette - Daniel Skubik

    Counting Your Blessings

    How many integers are there from 1 to 9 inclusive? Well, even if you are one of those who admit “not to be good in math” you can relax and confidently say 9, because this is not a trick question. You can also answer the

    Published September - October 2016 - Yusuf Ziya Gurtas

    Experiencing Awe at the Wonder of Existence

    A lot of people think religion and science are incompatible. Advances in technology have led famed atheists like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens to claim that there’s no room for faith, or God, in a supposedly

    Published September - October 2016 - Justin Pahl

    From Finite to Infinity

    Think of all the things you wanted but couldn't have
    All the things you could have but didn't want
    The bundle of good deeds you amassed
    You wished to show them off, but didn't fl

    Published September - October 2016 - Samina Farooq

    The Age of My Daughter, Manya; or The “Butterfly” Effect

    The century overboard How do I think history will record the 21st century? As we always record the past: in a tangled way, and with mistakes. It will be dictated by a dictator in one country; in

    Published September - October 2016 - Mariya Tytarenko

    Over-Salinization: The White Death of the Soil

    Properly irrigating agricultural land is a delicate balance. More water does not always mean a more abundant harvest. In arid climates, supplying more water than needed causes more trouble instead of more productivity. The p

    Published September - October 2016 - Al Curtis


    A lover who has seen You
    Would not look for another.
    A loyal one who has befriended You
    Would not ask for another.

    Once ears have heard You
    They are deaf to another.
    You sit upon the

    Published September - October 2016 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Service in the Face of Obstructions

    Question: People trying to serve humanity through education, dialogue, and charity are usually facing challenges, antagonism, and defamation from others in different parts of the world; how should these people respon

    Published September - October 2016 - The Fountain

    Synthetic 3D-printed bones for reconstructive surgery

    Synthetic 3D-printed bones for reconstructive surgery

    Jakus AE et al. Hyperelastic "bone": A highly versatile, growth factor-free, osteoregenerative, scalable, and surgically

    Published September - October 2016 - The Fountain