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Issue 67 (January - February 2009)
The Fountain

A Serendipitous November

"Yes, we can," responded a few hundred thousand people in Chicago to the encouraging and hope-inspiring address of the new president-elect of the United States following the announcement of the electi read more..

Issue 67 (January - February 2009)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Days of Depression and Our Atlas of Hope

Today, almost everybody speaks about "material welfare and comfort," without seeing any values other than these, or rather without wanting to see them. Humanity has come up with many beautiful things... read more..

Issue 67 (January - February 2009)
Farid Al-ansari

Men, but not just any men!

Men, but not just any men! If I had not actually seen them I would have said, it is mere fantasy, idle talk or imagination-a luminous shadow of the generation of the noble companions of the Prophet. ... read more..

Issue 67 (January - February 2009)
Salih Adem

A New Model: Multiple Universes (MULTIVERSE)

There are a number of critical points in the history of physics, which strives for a better understanding of the mysteries about the creation of the universe. We can classify all the viewpoints which ... read more..

Issue 67 (January - February 2009)
Seth Mette

Once in the Heavens

The murderer approached the couple he intended as his victims with a promising smile. He offered, "You know what? I have the secret of eternity; and it's your Lord Who is keeping you from becoming an ... read more..

Issue 67 (January - February 2009)
Shirali Kadyrov

Muslim Contributions to Mathematics

When we talk about Muslim contributions to mathematics we are usually referring to the years between 622 and 1600 ce. This was the golden era of Islam when it was influential both as a culture and rel... read more..

Issue 67 (January - February 2009)
Sumeyra Tosun

Memoirs of a Former Gossip

What you are about to read is the diary of a former gossip who felt bad about her "uncontrollable" negative behavior and so tried to modify it. Those who suffer from similar problems, such as anxiety,... read more..

Issue 67 (January - February 2009)
Jason Newfoundland

From Genes to Proteins: A New Level of Complexity

Newspapers frequently run articles reporting a study about a gene linked to some disease. Thanks to such wide media coverage, the word "gene" has become a household term for most of us. And, genetics,... read more..

Issue 67 (January - February 2009)
Muhammad Iqbal

Ode no XXXI from Bang-i-D'rra

Every object is at strife in the desire to "be" Churning in time, "the process of becoming" Every particle must sacrifice the ego to mill Listening to the call, enabling Divine Will Death in "itse... read more..

Issue 67 (January - February 2009)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Raja (Hope or Expectation)

For a Sufi, Raja means waiting for that which he or she wholeheartedly desires to come into existence, acceptance of good deeds, and forgiveness of sins. Hope or expectation, both based on the fact th... read more..

Issue 67 (January - February 2009)
Irfan Sahin


As my brother-in-law had some health complaints such as palpitations, insomnia, irritability and excessive sweating, he asked me if I would accompany him to the doctor. As the doctor listened to and e... read more..

Issue 67 (January - February 2009)
Rabia Christine Brodbeck

Fasting from the World

The true fast is fasting with Prophet Adam! Walking with him in the desert of existence with the burning sand under one's feet, with the flame of love in one's heart, and the heat of search in one's c... read more..

Issue 67 (January - February 2009)
Ahmet Isik

Cryptography and Codes in Existence

The confidentiality of information is vital for people, companies and countries. Cryptography develops methods of encoding and decoding information in order to protect it. Cryptography mainly aims to... read more..

Issue 67 (January - February 2009)
The Fountain

Science in the Islamic world: an interview with Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zewail

For over a hundred years, the Nobel Prize has been awarded for the highest achievements in physical sciences, peace and literature. In this period, only two scientists from the Muslim world have quali... read more..

Issue 67 (January - February 2009)
Suleyman Eris

Interfaith Dialogue and Alliance Principles in the Works of Said Nursi

Said Nursi (d. 1960) was one of the pivotal Muslim scholars of the twentieth century who supported the idea of interfaith dialogue and alliance. He thought that in the face of the difficulties of the ... read more..

Issue 67 (January - February 2009)
Muhammed Cetin

Fethullah Gulen and the Contribution of Islamic scholarship to Democracy

Since the fifth century BCE, democracy has been discussed by political theorists, philosophers and members of diverse societies and cultures. Although it is commonly accepted that democracy as a form ... read more..

Issue 67 (January - February 2009)
Irfan Yilmaz

It's Me Peter, your Pancreas!

Peter, I am not so big as other organs like the liver, heart, and lungs; it is difficult to notice me most of the time. But whether we are large or small, no organ is superior to another; we are all j... read more..

Issue 67 (January - February 2009)
Hikmet Isik

Victory of the Spirit

Q: What is the meaning of “victory” for a believer, and how is it realized? Human life in this world is a composite of two distinct powers, the spirit and the flesh. Although it is sometimes the case... read more..

Issue 68 (March - April 2009)
The Fountain

"WIN"-Win for All With Dialogue

A win-win scenario, or game, describes a situation where the two parties involved manage to devise an action plan in a way that is beneficial for both. In interfaith dialogue, however, there are more ... read more..

Issue 68 (March - April 2009)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Towards Spelling Out Our Own Line of Thought

In the past, “Islam” used to come into our people’s minds first as far as “religion” was concerned, and it would resonate with wonder in their conscience. Above all, Islam had left on sound-thinking s... read more..

Issue 68 (March - April 2009)
Kadir Can

The Trembling Sun

In 1962 a group of researchers discovered that the sun oscillated backwards and forwards once every five minutes. As research progressed it was determined that as some sections of the sun were coming ... read more..

Issue 68 (March - April 2009)
Ayse Meva Nur

The Dancing Pen

No one knows dancing like him. Swirl, lift, dip. The routine continues. Swirl, lift, dip. This is what Osman Sahin does to relax. Dance. But he is no choreographer, he is a calligrapher-one who has m... read more..

Issue 68 (March - April 2009)
Sultan Bashir Mahmood

The Holy Qur'an and Dirac's Theory of Pairs

Paul Dirac (1902–1984), one of Newton’s successors to the Lucasian Chair of Mathematics at Cambridge, was one of the greatest physicists of the twentieth century and his work is one of the monuments o... read more..

Issue 68 (March - April 2009)
Zhandos Utegulov

Dialogue in Central Eurasia

Central Eurasia is characterized by historians as one of the most diverse places on the face of the earth, with its distinct and colorful characteristics. For centuries this geographical region has be... read more..

Issue 68 (March - April 2009)
Mahmut Veziroglu

Tiny, With A Great Mission: Seeds and Bees

Plants sustain the continuity of their species through generative reproduction either with seeds or through vegetative reproduction that uses suckers, bulbs, or tubers. We can observe these methods of... read more..

Issue 68 (March - April 2009)
Omer Arifagaoglu

Will and Balance in Nourishment

Once, Shaykh ‘Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani, one of the greatest poles of spirituality, may God sanctify his holiness, had a pupil who was the only child of an old, anxious woman. That respected woman went to... read more..

Issue 68 (March - April 2009)
Robert Lentz

Holy Migration

Most human beings feel a strong loyalty to the place of their birth. Sometimes this loyalty can be transferred to another place, but there are few people who do not treasure some place they consider “... read more..

Issue 68 (March - April 2009)
M. Fethullah Gulen


To the soul of Yunus Once the heart has found You, Would it ever remember another? Once it has burned in Your fire, Would it ever burn in another? Only those who have found You Are purified in a... read more..

Issue 68 (March - April 2009)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Zuhd (Asceticism)

Zuhd, which literally means renouncing worldly pleasures and resisting carnal desires, is defined by Sufis as indifference to worldly appetites, living an austere life, choosing to refrain from sin in... read more..

Issue 68 (March - April 2009)
Hasan Altinbasak

A Miraculous Mechanism: DNA Repair

We live in a world full of technological devices, instruments and machines. Even if we buy them from good retailers, our cars we use to commute, or our CD-players and nowadays the mp3-players we use read more..

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