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Issue 79 (January - February 2011)
The Fountain


Everything has a price; in particular, things as precious as peace always come at a heavy cost. Peace is a constructive effort. And building is a gradual activity, one brick after another; it takes ti... read more..

Issue 79 (January - February 2011)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Dreamy World of the Past

The grace and flavor of our legendary glorious past does no longer exist in a great many people and in most of the places. Just like our thoughts and feelings, our joys, pleasures and philosophy of li... read more..

Issue 79 (January - February 2011)
Ebubekir Pasazade

Mushroom: A Unique Blessing

Until recently fungi used to be considered plants. Today, due to their unique qualities, fungi have now been categorized as a separate kingdom, in addition to animals and plants. Among the fungi are n... read more..

Issue 79 (January - February 2011)
Stanley Ridge

Faith, Theology and Service in Peacebuilding

Fethullah Gulen’s work and thinking starts and ends in faith. In a world that commonly extends conflict by speaking of religion either in stereotyped or in ideologized terms, this is a refreshingly en... read more..

Issue 79 (January - February 2011)
Sumeyra Dural Cokavci

Sweeter Than Sugar, Black as Night, Healing as Medicine

Imagine a substance that’s fifty times sweeter than sugar and flexible enough to use as a shoelace or a jump rope. Just like plastic, this substance can be shaped into tiny bears, cats, Scottie dogs, ... read more..

Issue 79 (January - February 2011)
Nuh Aydin

Islamic Science and Making of the European Renaissance

George Saliba is a professor of Arabic and Islamic Science at Columbia University in New York, USA. He is an expert on the history of science, especially astronomy and mathematical sciences. On his we... read more..

Issue 79 (January - February 2011)
Sebnem Unlu

My Dear Joseph

“My dear Joseph …” These were the words of Jacob as he wept for his beloved, trustful and humble son Joseph, whom his brothers alleged was eaten by a wolf. They showed him a shirt soiled with some blo... read more..

Issue 79 (January - February 2011)
Jennifer Knight-ari

Each Child Is Born Knowing God

She remembered the day when the world stopped being beautiful. As a child of 11, Rebecca thought she was going blind. There was a Japanese plum tree in her front yard, and its leaves seemed duller th... read more..

Issue 79 (January - February 2011)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Sidq (Truthfulness)

Meaning true thought, true words and true actions, sidq is reflected in the life of a traveler on the path to God as follows: he or she does not lie or tell a falsehood, lives according to truthfulnes... read more..

Issue 79 (January - February 2011)
M. Fethullah Gulen

The Luminous Riders

The luminous riders, divine light on their faces With fire in their hearts and a blissful composure They take everywhere armfuls of peace Inside their eyes dews of infinity appear The luminous rid... read more..

Issue 79 (January - February 2011)
Halil I. Demir

Second Life or Afterlife?

What would you think if you overheard two people talking about Second Life? Although this may sound like the afterlife to most, that is, where, after facing the Judgment of God humans will be either a... read more..

Issue 79 (January - February 2011)
Mirkena Ozer

The Story of a Lie

“Take these trousers to Kristina, the old seamstress,” my teacher instructed me, “and tell her they need mending. I have also put some extra fabric in the bag,” she added. This wasn’t the first time I... read more..

Issue 79 (January - February 2011)
Colin Turner

Renewal in Belief: A Model for Modern Times

If the definitive history of twentieth century Islamic movements is ever written, one wonders whether its author would be both perspicacious and brave enough to argue a point which, while held in priv... read more..

Issue 79 (January - February 2011)
Safiye Arslan

A Well-designed On/Off Switch for the Cellular Pathways

In living cells, ribonucleic acid (RNA) is a key molecule, which is transcribed from deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and was known to function in the protein synthesis, since its new properties such as RN... read more..

Issue 79 (January - February 2011)
Nathan Ruler

Kant on Causality: A Critical Approach

Immanuel Kant shaped modern philosophy enormously and determined its way towards today. There are two main strands in contemporary Western philosophy: analytic philosophy, which is widely practiced in... read more..

Issue 79 (January - February 2011)
Irfan Yilmaz

It's me Peter, your kidney!

Dear Peter, in the earlier issues my friends heart and stomach spoke with you and I patiently waited for my turn. I am located at the waist level to the right of the spine and my twin left kidney on t... read more..

Issue 79 (January - February 2011)
Hikmet Isik


Question: How should we make use of our vacations to dispel fatigue and boredom arising from our regular occupations? Even if work done is for the sake of good, if it does not occasionally add color... read more..

Issue 79 (January - February 2011)
The Fountain

Your sleep shapes your hair

1- Your sleep shapes your hair Original Article: Akashi M. et al., PNAS 107, 15643 (2010). Feeling sleepy during the day after a long flight? Internal body clock genes are to blame. Circadian (Latin read more..

Issue 80 (March - April 2011)
The Fountain

The Fountain Talks

2011 has started off with a bang. Many Arab countries are following the examples of Tunisia and Egypt. There is increasing public unrest as those countries rally to remove their self-appointed, long-t... read more..

Issue 80 (March - April 2011)
M. Fethullah Gulen

In Between Contrasts

Year in and year out, as a community we have been concurrently going around the “vicious” and “virtuous” circles of an assortment of strange occurrences. On the one hand, we tumble headfirst in the co... read more..

Issue 80 (March - April 2011)
Mustafa Tabanli

Human Brain and Crossing beyond Self

People everywhere seem to have an innate need to reach out to the ultimate, to connect with some larger reality beyond themselves. Might there be something in the structure of the brain to give clues ... read more..

Issue 80 (March - April 2011)
Zuleyha Keskin

Effective Use of Education as a Tool to Shape Attitudes: the Australian Experience

We often think of education in the context of a classroom environment, where one teaches and the others learn; a monologue between the learned and the one seeking to learn. No doubt, classroom environ... read more..

Issue 80 (March - April 2011)
Bernadette - Daniel Skubik


We meet you Our Friend in the beauty of countless vibrant hearts strongly sinewed in purifying love. We meet you Our Friend in the steadfast prayerful care of blessing hands and radiant fac... read more..

Issue 80 (March - April 2011)
Bedirhan Altunay

The Sun: The Source We Cannot Utilize

The sun gives out about 1.17x1031 kJ (kilojoule) energy every year. Only one and half trillionth of this energy reaches the Earth, 150 million kilometers away from the sun. 30% of that energy, in the ... read more..

Issue 80 (March - April 2011)
Fethi Keles

Paths Ahead: Reflections on Bosnian Muslim Presence in the United States

This commentary offers a few reflections on the impact of the American experience on the formation of a Bosnian identity in the United States. I have befriended several members of two Bosnian immigran... read more..

Issue 80 (March - April 2011)
Joseph J. Salter

You Waste It, You' ve Lost It!

This is the Winner essay of our 2010 writing contest conducted in cooperation with Everest Productions. Participants were asked to write down to live out what truly mattered to them most assuming th read more..

Issue 80 (March - April 2011)
Seth Mette

The Great Flood of Questions

Nowadays, we are alerted by scientists about possible future floods due to extreme weather events or melting of the polar ice because of global warming. Even producers have come up with several movies... read more..

Issue 80 (March - April 2011)
M. Fethullah Gulen

A Pristine Spring

A skyline of lively hills and purple mountains appeared As sleepers floated in their deepest slumbers In purple and pink, successive dawns were swelling While in waters swans were elegantly gliding... read more..

Issue 80 (March - April 2011)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Haya (Modesty)

Sufis use haya, which literally means shame, bashfulness, and refraining from saying or doing anything improper or indecent, to describe one who, out of fear and awe of God, seeks to avoid displeasing... read more..

Issue 80 (March - April 2011)
Yusuf Ziya Gurtas

Metaphors, Metaphysics, Mathematics, etc.

Analogies, metaphors, and similes are essential elements of human cognition and this makes them an indispensable tool in education, science, and literature. When it comes to explaining metaphysical co... read more..

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