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Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Murad Nebiyev

The Quest for a Habitable Planet

A planet outside the solar system was first discovered in 1995. As of 2013, the number of planets outside our solar system has reached more than 850. Within the last two years alone, more planets were... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Niyazi Misri

I Am Calling You, Friend

Oh the beauty in my heart I'm calling you friend, oh friend. Thousand pieces torn apart I'm calling you friend, oh friend. I'm filled with the love of thee Mistaken my piety, Lost my mind in ecs... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Kadir Can - Mehmet Ramazanoglu

Little-Known Rare-Earth Elements

Will there be wars over elements like there have been over petroleum and water? What element have we been using in color televisions? What substance is used to make energy saving, environmental ligh read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Mehmet Cihanoglu

Smoking and Reproduction

Harming our bodies or health is a betrayal against this incredible gift. One of the major ways people harm the body is through smoking cigarettes. Smoking harms human health in countless ways. It read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Ahmet Tarik

Jihad: What Is It and What Is It Not?

Islam is the name of a religion – it is not a political ideology, nor is it an economic doctrine. However, as a religion, it does embrace a variety of universal principles concerning the fields of pol... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
M. Fethullah Gulen

How To Respond To Hostile Attitudes

Question: How should we respond to hostile attitudes towards believers? Whatever the conditions may be, a believer should not go out of the frame of good manners, civility, and decency, for others a... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
The Fountain

Science Square

Mini "human brain" in a dish Cerebral organoids model human brain development and microcephalyLancaster et al. Nature, September 2013 A recent study reported the first living model of the developin... read more..

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