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Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
Berna Berian Baran

Ibn Bajja and A Duel with Duality

Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Yahya al Saigh or Ibn Bajja (Avempace) is a well-known twelfth century Spanish philosopher.1 Ibn Bajja was something of a renaissance man; while a vizier, a poet, a doctor, and a... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
Musab Korkmaz

Why Do We Turn Over During Sleep?

Our skin is not only a means for our body to look nice esthetically, but it also acts as a shield against negative external effects. For instance, it helps protect us from mechanical and chemical inju... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
Nihal Balci

The Qur'an: An Eternal Journey

We are at the table together for dinner, having a good time. My husband is eating a beef dish and liking it very much. My younger daughter, who hates beef, is enjoying her noodles. My older daughter i... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
Nuh Ozdin

Termites and Retirement

We call termites “white ants” because of their appearance; however they are a diverse group of insects, with around 3,000 species. Found mostly in Africa, termites feed especially on wood and other or... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Mahabba (Love)

Mahabba means fondness, tender and kind feelings, preference, and love. Love that affects and invades one’s feelings is called passion; love that is so deep and irresistible that it burns for union is... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
Ali Fethi Toprak

The Camel: A Monumental Creature

The camel is a mighty animal and was historically used for transportation in desert lands; thus, it earned the name “the ship of the desert.” Interestingly, a camel’s gait also resembles the rolling m... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
Ile, Onyebuchi James

Literature and National Security: The Almajeri Education in Nigeria

Introduction In his The Death of Criticism, Terry Eagleton spoke of the rude shock a clerk in his office might experience if she stumbled upon the thought that her boss is actually paid, and paid ver... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
Justin Pahl

My Brother's Plum Tree

I often think of my brother during the early summer. When we moved to our home in Philadelphia, my brother, who was always more ethereal, thought we should plant a tree, so that we could watch it grow... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
M. Fethullah Gulen

The Pure Path

One night I had a vision of the future so bright;there was a peaceful silenceand was pouring lightThings were being donewith the precision of a clockwork;centuries of old confusions all disappearedT read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
Firat Celik

Time: What Does the Qur’an Say About It?

All things in the universe, with their specific and suitable outfits obtained from the spiritual world, gain an image and flow in the river of time. The sun and the moon are by an exact calculation... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
Justin Pahl

A Conversation Starter

The question of dialogues between different faiths and cultures is one of the most important questions of our fractured age. How can we reconcile so many, seemingly, vast and diverse viewpoints? What ... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
Eyup Nazir

Forest Fires: Unexpected Benefits of an Unwanted Disaster

Forest ecosystems bear vital importance not only for us humans but also for thousands of species. Forests occupy vast spaces across the planet, featuring a rich variety of life, from seeds to saplings... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
Alptekin Kavi

How Collaboration Makes a Difference in Dispute Resolution

Parties in a dispute can resolve their differences in various ways. Oftentimes, at least one party feels a need to compromise in order to reach a resolution. As a result, the compromising party may su... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
Ibrahim Bagci

Algae: A Source of Benefits

Does it feel creepy to step on sea weeds when you are swimming? Would you swim quickly away from an area with algae and seaweeds at the bottom? Just like plants of the land are a source of oxygen, alg... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
Halil I. Demir

Drones and the Future of Autonomous Vehicles

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… but no, it’s not Superman. It’s a drone. Airborne drones are becoming commonplace, especially in the civilian world. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, ... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Mechanisms of Soul and Conscience

Question: What could be said about comprehending the essential natures of the soul and the conscience, which play a dramatic role in the rise and fall of human beings? The nature of human beings bear... read more..

Issue 95 (September - October 2013)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 95)

The Brain’s GPS Jacobs J. et al. Direct recordings of grid-like neuronal activity in human spatial navigation. Nature Neuroscience, 2013 Do you happen to have a poor sense of direction? Do you often... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
The Fountain

Being the White Crow

Abandoned. Pushed away. Cornered. All alone. Betrayed. Away from home… these are very familiar human feelings, things we've all experienced at various points in our lives. The most grievous of these e... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Forlorn Ones

"You are a forlorn one in this worldErgo laugh not but cry o heart!" (Yunus Emre) Forlorn ones are only a few; a few heroes of the heart, and unknown holy ones. A forlorn person is one who sighs read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Eren Tatari - Yamina Mermer

The Philosophy of Science

Science deals with descriptions of phenomena;, it does not deal with the explanation of matters beyond. Explanation is the realm of metaphysics and is known as the “philosophy of science.” Science is... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Abdullah Acar

Recyling Cellular Trash: A Micro-level Fasting Phenomenon

Recycling in the cell (autophagy) is important to generate energy and to produce new cellular units. What is interesting, though, is that autophagy is primarily activated via fasting. With all of i... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Erdogan Karakaya

Illness: Friend or Foe?

How the "Remedies for the Sick" Make a Change in Life Possible Life, illness, and death are basic human conditions. But at the same time, it is a very individual decision which specific meaning you a... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Omer Arifagaoglu

When To Eat Fruits?

One of the requirements for maintaining life is the balanced consumption of proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates (saccharides) are commonly known as sugars. A sugar is a monosaccharide ... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Brenda Elizabeth Pletcher

Birds of a Feather: Ibn 'Arabi's Mystical Grounding for Interreligious Dialogue

Mysticism is at the heart of dialogue among religions. Brother Steindle-Rast states, "Never before in history is it more urgent for all of us to learn the language of the mystics than in our time, whe... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Pinar Celik

Miraculous Migration of Monarch Butterflies

Many birds, such as white storks and swallows, have been known to migrate, each year, from one region of the earth to another. Aside from birds, there are also mammals, reptiles, fish, and even butter... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Mustafa Veysi Nural

Planet Without Laughter

Though we cannot see humor, like faith, we perceive it all around us. Once upon a time there was a planet in an unknown corner of the vast universe. For a long time, this planet was distinguishe read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Ashq (Ecstatic Love)

'Ashq means intense love of and fondness for perfection, beauty, or physical charm. Sufis usually call this sort of love, for example, love for the opposite sex, figurative or metaphorical love. Real read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Kemal Serce

One Step, A Thousand Operations

How good are we aware of the operations of systems and mechanisms that make us walk? Costly research and development efforts are under way in centers throughout the world seeking to build walking read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Kim Soltani

(Dis) Honor Killings: How Islam Can Help Prevent Them

It has been claimed that many crimes against women are carried out in the name of Islam, and that the religion condones the poor treatment of women. For the purpose of this essay, "honor killings" wil... read more..

Issue 96 (November - December 2013)
Mehmet Ozalp

The Hajj: Its Spiritual Meaning and Aspects of Worship

As one of the most spectacular religious assemblies in the world, the annual Muslim hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca is more than just visiting holy lands and connecting with the historical legacy of Islam.... read more..

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