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January 2016

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Issue 109 (January -February 2016)
The Fountain

Editorial: Hope

2015 did not leave behind much of a legacy upon which we can build our new year’s hopes. But the future cannot be built upon hopelessness, nor can it be built upon fantasies – we have to face the sad ... read more..

Issue 109 (January -February 2016)
M. Fethullah Gulen

A Self-Interrogation

O ego! Escape the feeling of autumn and transform into a green meadow with birds flying around above you; be a spring so all those with burning souls come running to you; spread light like candles so... read more..

Issue 109 (January -February 2016)
F. Nurcihan Can

Like Dissolves Like

Can you imagine a cup of coffee, sugarless at the top but intensely sweet at the bottom? Likewise, imagine a bowl of soup without salt at the top but over-salted at the bottom. Would these be enjoyabl... read more..

Issue 109 (January -February 2016)
Philip Clayton

Science and Religion in a World of Religious Pluralism

We live in a time of deep division: Will the coming years reveal an increasing number of partnerships between science and religion, or will we see a battle to the death between the two? The world has... read more..

Issue 109 (January -February 2016)
Harun Avci

The Discovery of Green Water

The populations of cities, countries – and thus, the world – are constantly increasing. During the last two centuries, due to the impact of industrialization, human welfare has improved in parallel wi... read more..

Issue 109 (January -February 2016)
Nihal Balci

Jennifer’s Baby

"I don't know how you do this?" Hannah said with a smile. "You have to plan first and plant later” Jennifer told her. Then she answered all her questions patiently and went into details about how she read more..

Issue 109 (January -February 2016)
Arslan Mayda

The Fallacy of Vestigial Organs: Outer Ear Muscles

The outer ear (auricula) is an oval structure, its wide part facing upwards. When we look at the auricula, we think that it is only composed of skin and cartilage. However there are nine perfectly pos... read more..

Issue 109 (January -February 2016)
Brian Turk

The Intricate Beauty of the Nervous System

The human body is comprised of many systems, but none quite like the nervous system. This enigmatic system runs throughout the whole body, accomplishing millions of tasks every second. It is the syste... read more..

Issue 109 (January -February 2016)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Wajd (Ecstasy)

Wajd (ecstasy) is overflowing with spiritual joy and enthusiasm, and rather than using reason, logic, or will, one follows the spiritual state in which one is. It consists of God’s surprising visit to... read more..

Issue 109 (January -February 2016)
Ihsan Kose

The Art of Scaling In Biology

Scaling in biology explains how a system?s characteristic is affected when another dependent factor changes. One of the prime examples of scaling has to do with metabolism. The average energy spent by... read more..

Issue 109 (January -February 2016)
Lawrence Brazier

The Ramadan Journal

Thursday June 18, 2015: the ninth month of the Muslim year and the beginning of the fast of Ramadan. The early hours of Thursday and already the sky is no longer dark. If I’d been up an hour earlier a... read more..

Issue 109 (January -February 2016)
H. Arif Ustaoglu

Sea Algae

Used extensively in the food industry, and serve as the raw material for plant fertilizers and many drugs used to fight diseases, seaweeds (or algae) are multicellular organisms that grow and develop ... read more..

Issue 109 (January -February 2016)
Akan Malici

The Qur’an and Education: Transcending How We Understand Difference

“If God had so willed, He would have made you a single people,” the Qur’an states (5:48). However, after having created all of humanity from a single male and female, God made us into different “natio... read more..

Issue 109 (January -February 2016)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Emerald Hills

It is the high season to view the spectacle of the earth, As spring has leaned upon emerald hills. Mirth in all villages, feasts everywhere, Magic spices incensing the air… Life springs from streamin... read more..

Issue 109 (January -February 2016)
Omer Arifagaoglu

The Recuperation of Lost Brain Functions

The brain of a newborn baby grows and develops very quickly. Within the first three years of life, the intense formation of new nerve cells (neurons), neural networks, and connections (axons, synapses... read more..

Issue 109 (January -February 2016)
Musa Ilhan

The Sanctuary of Salvation

The sanctuary of salvation encapsulates our entire being as we attempt to engage with our Maker. Though we are infinitely distant from Him, He is ever close; He is Omnipresent. To Him, we whisper our ... read more..

Issue 109 (January -February 2016)
M. Fethullah Gulen

How can one reach his or her spiritual potential?

First, it is important to practice concentrated contemplation, which should be directed both into one’s inner self and to the wider existence of the universe. This can be done through deep and compreh... read more..

Issue 109 (January -February 2016)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 109)

Potentially habitable Earth-like planet discovered Wright DJ et al. Three planets orbiting Wolf 1061. Astrophysical Journal Letters, December 2015. Astronomers from Australia have discovered the clo... read more..

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