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November 2017

Welcome to our Archives page. On this page you will find a total of 38 of our articles broken down into Months and Years.
Issue 120 (November - December 2017)
Omer Yildiz

Arteries and Veins – How and Why Are They Different?

The human body is an ideal example of the perfect harmony between structure and function; every part serves a purpose. Arteries and veins differ in many ways, including diameter, strength, durability... read more..

Issue 120 (November - December 2017)
Zara Khan

Is There an American Muslim Song?

Islam in America presents a growing field of research for social scientists who explore Muslim societies and the contentions that arise around them, given the current political and cultural context in... read more..

Issue 120 (November - December 2017)
Justin Pahl

On Bodies

1. Having a body is a strange thing – stranger, still, when you think about how rarely we consider our bodies and what goes on inside of them. When was the last time you stopped while taking the stai read more..

Issue 120 (November - December 2017)
Gunel Mehraliyeva

Teenagers and Eating Disorders

“You look great. Have you lost weight?” Most of us enjoy such compliments. Our culture’s messages maintain the importance of being slim. Dieting, exercising, skipping meals, body dissatisfaction, and ... read more..

Issue 120 (November - December 2017)
Esra Akdogan

Prejudice and Ways to Avoid It in Education

Prejudices are attitudes that may lead to the stereotyping of and discrimination against certain groups, usually minorities. Psychologists have conducted detailed studies on prejudice. In this article... read more..

Issue 120 (November - December 2017)
Zuleyha B. Ozturk

I See No Difference

“I do not see color, or culture, or any sort of difference about anyone because that leads to discrimination; everyone is the same anyways.” My ears picked up on this conversation right before a read more..

Issue 120 (November - December 2017)
M. Fethullah Gulen

System Blindness and the Lifespan of a Society

Question: It usually is inevitable to lose motivation in good works, which, like other things, may become ordinary and monotonous in time. Is this a consequence of system blindness? What can be done t... read more..

Issue 120 (November - December 2017)
The Fountain

Hidden Oceans in Frozen Worlds

Hidden Oceans in Frozen Worlds Saxena P. et al. Relevance of tidal heating on large TNOs. Icarus, December 2017. Searching for alien life, a new study from NASA suggests that some icy worlds in our ... read more..

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