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The Eternal Light
Jan 4, 1995

The sun itself gets light from your face;

Why, then, is your face still veiled?

The years pass while we, in pangs of separation,

Go on waiting and waiting for 'spring'.

Rise again with the proof from God's Throne;

Let the world resound again with your message!

Inspire people to life through the fragrance

You spread everywhere in the name of Truth!

Speak so that other 'speakers' mind their place;

That people, revived by your Divine breath

May rise again, as before, to their highest-

That is also the desire of those in heaven.

O Sacred Book, O Eternal Light,

Reaching to every place with radiant peace-

It is end of time, appear to us once more!

Already light has begun to remove darkness...

Even if it is not to be as gorgeous as 'spring',

Still may the world be filled with your voice!

Nay everyone hear it and come to know you

Before all are carried to the eternal abode!