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Threatening Humanity's Destiny
Jul 1, 2002

We live on a planet that is not so large as we imagine it to be. We cannot isolate ourselves from the influence of other people. In the past, this reality seems to have been acknowledged only by wise people; today, everyone accepts it. Now, at the beginning of this new century and new millennium, most of us realize that the prevailing relationships in our world are very delicate. And yet even before the end of the very first year, in the first moments of the new millennium's spring, we had to face violent terror at a time of highly optimistic expectations.

I only care about myself. Whether the rest of the world collapses or not does not concern me, is the idea reflected by such events. This attitude of indifferent haughtiness leads to the following result: A world in which I have no welfare must be destroyed or If I am not loved, no one else can be loved. Our welfare level today has been unable to stop other peoples suffering, for we have not noticed what they experienced in the past. Such people were as glad at this tragedy as if they had taken revenge themselves, in the true sense of the word, while watching the tears and shock of the rich. We have just realized that the world is small, and that violence impacts everyone.

Terrorism is an absolute threat to all civilizations. As there is still no commonly accepted definition of terrorism, any state's reaction to it will not lessen the threat it poses; on the contrary, it actually might strengthen it. The future of the world rests upon reaching a just response to this horrible tragedy and discussing the matter comprehensively. The fact that politics has gone clerical and that religion has become politicized makes some global events of the modern world more global.

The September 11th tragedy shows that terrorism is able to span regional and continental borders. This obliges the entire world to unify itself in order to face this challenge. To this end, we need to deal primarily with social problems and poverty, close the economic gap, and prevent strong countries from oppressing weaker ones. In the face of our world's real contradictions, there is no second alternative to stopping terrorism, which constantly produces the most cruel incidents. In order to benefit from Earth's riches, we must channel human consciousness, science, and technology properly so that they may serve good instead of evil; so that they may serve humanity's collective development instead of destruction. Globalization can absolve itself only if it solves our world's global problems.