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Jul 1, 2014

100 is an impressive number: It is the top score one can get on an exam; every soccer player dreams of the hundredth goal of their career. 100 is a yardstick we use to divide world history into slices of digestible pieces. Centennials are the most memorable anniversaries (other than millennia) of events we honor with joy - and many times with sorrow. We choose 100 top intellectuals, we measure the success of presidents based on their first hundred days...

In a world of relativities, however, 100 is not immune to varying perceptions. For the young, it is as far as the horizon; for the old, it is as if just around the corner. Maybe it's not the most pleasing age to aspire to. Some years feel like a century by themselves, especially when so many events are compressed into them. 100, for an institution, is a signpost that proves a level of maturity, establishment, and depth of foundation. But 100 is also a promise for the future.

Here comes the 100th issue of The Fountain (hence you now know why so many words on the number 100!). For a daily newspaper or a weekly magazine, the 100th issue is not the biggest target to strive for. But for a periodical like The Fountain - which publishes serious content on various disciplines while trying to maintain a perspective and level of discourse about issues that pertain to all fellow human citizens, the brothers and sisters of a global home - 100 is not an insignificant number to reach. For over two decades, The Fountain has always chosen to stay above the fray of day-to-day events, temporary politics, or issues that are irrelevant to others. We have been selective in what we publish and tried to ensure content of universal appeal yet with an awareness of differences and respect for local diversities in color, language, culture, and faith.

In this 100th issue, we invite our dedicated readers to write on their takes on The Fountain. Write in 100 words on what The Fountain stands for in your life. What do you understand of its message? How do you think it is different than another publication? Write your life philosophy based on where you stand vis-à-vis The Fountain's message. Do your best to reach or limit your writing to 100 words, but your reflection does not have to be the exact number. There will be surprise gifts and recognition for participants. Follow our website and social media announcements regarding the deadline and how to submit your work.

In this issue, we continue with Dr. Beecher's second part on nation and the construction of self identity, the first part of which received positive feedback in the previous issue. His work is complemented by Dr. Kavi's research on identity and its relationship with religion and culture. Dr. Aydin's article on memetics is an additional contribution to this issue laying down some perspective on questions such as "How does the mind work? How do humans learn and develop? How does culture form and transfer to future generations?" The lead article sweeps over these issues with a more profoundly human twist on human life, which we are obliged to travel" for the sake of finding ourselves and realizing our true essence. As The Fountain hits 100, it's a good time to reflect on where we all are in that journey.