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Make Us Be with Your Love
Mar 25, 2018

I’m poorly-loving, lazily-longing;
Render me worthy of your loving.
Throw a coal, burn me with desire!
So my horizons light up with fire.

You were near, I was afar,
The form, I thought, was enough for prayer;
Surrounded by slaves to imitation,
I was deceived by what I saw.

Longing had long since died down,
Just talk of existence in nothingness;
A lack of ideal mentors, a letdown,
Detached from God, hearts and minds.

Many lending hands, none of them hold;
Language ruined, systems overturned,
Orphans of love and desire, we were;
Heart, soul, and the sacred all destroyed.

Failing to love You and feel your love,
In isolation, we longed for more;
We could not surrender at your door,
Burned for years with a strange ardor.

Let me be your loving Majnun,
Bestow happiness with your care.
Being without you—a burning fire,
As a mundane mortal in this journey.